The Emotional Repolarization Technique or ERT is a 3-day video training which shows you the tool that releases the actual physical chemicals of emotions from your body. It’s completely different from The Goran Technique I (Previously know as The 7 Steps) which erases repeating negative thought patterns from your mind. This technique works on your body and may cause cleansing reactions. It’s an absolute must for not just perfect health, but to align your vibration with the goals you are creating in life. This is NOT the ERT taught by Dr. Robert Marshall in his QRA training, but rather an advanced hybrid based on the work of Randy and Colette Freiberg with a few twists and additions added by Arnoux Goran, course designer and presenter.

Study Method: Audio
Start Date: Anytime

  • Learn the fastest technique available today to remove the residual emotions stuck in the body on the cellular level from an entire lifetime of emotional experiences for your clients, friends and family.

  • Add THE tool for emotional work to your tool belt rounding out the tool kit offered by THM, Physical, Mental, Spiritual and now Emotional.

  • Remove the programming with the Goran Technique I and II (Previous known as the 7-Steps and 5 Step Emotional Eraser) then release the toxic emotional load created up until this point with an advanced version of ERT … NOT OFFERED ANYWHERE ELSE!

  • Learn to muscle test like a pro and apply it not only to emotional work but to anything you want to test.

  • Receive and share a MASSIVE increase in automatic happiness, in effortless living and feeling joyful!

  • Learn how to remove Embeds and 3P’s…serious blockages that can cause pain, fatigue and more.

  • Release of the WEIGHT THAT HOLDS YOUR CLIENTS DOWN, and back from the lifestyle and success that they desire. Set yourself apart from other practitioners by being one of the VERY FEW with this tool!

Life Transformation Part 2 – The Emotional Repolarization Technique

Get The Emotion Out Of Your Body

Study Method: Audio
Start Date: Anytime

What our graduates have to say...

After a car accident 6 months later I still I had back pain at a level 10 out of 10. It was bad. Arnoux told us to test and find if there was an emotional root cause to any physical pain and eliminate it using ERT. I could hardly believe that my pain was gone, completely [...] Read more
Annette Bowen : USPS
For the first three days of the Public Speaking course whenever it was my turn to speak I stuttered the entire time. Then I was tested for the root cause and it was cleared with just one of the THM tools. The next day Karen cried as I spoke perfectly without stuttering. I haven’t stuttered since [...] Read more
Jonathan David : Stand Up Comedian