The Breakthrough Course provides training and certification in The Goran Technique II, formerly The 5 Step Emotional Eraser. The Goran Technique II is a healing technique invented by Arnoux Goran in 2004. This class is a proprietary class with Arnoux Goran Seminars. The Breakthrough Course works on the spiritual-emotional level. Merit Ma, a certified Master Professional Health Consultant of Arnoux Goran Seminars, cleared her severe hay fever/allergies using this technique. This tool addresses patterns & emotions inherited through the DNA. It also clears ancestral (inherited from parents) and soul traumas. It’s the one tool that can clear “karma.” Arnoux’s explanation of “karma” has nothing to do with any aspects of religion.

Study Method: Audio
Start Date: Anytime

  • Two other processes that PERMANENTLY remove negative emotions including a new technique developed by Arnoux Goran, MNLP, MHt, MTT that cannot be found anywhere else! You NEED these tools to truly master yourself and chip away the stones covering the Statue of David that is 
the real and authentic you!

  • Learn about all of the transformational techniques that we know of (and which ones don’t work!)

  • Find out about all of the other healing modalities that we know of (for all four parts of you)

  • Make decisions in life powerfully by learning how to meet and work with your “board of advisors”

  • Focus on YOU for 3 full days as we do the inner-work that it takes to transform your entire life. 
You will be changed forever, completely and permanently expressing more of your authentic YOU, 
from the inside out, automatically!!

  • Increase overall success in all areas of life!

  • Become your own greatest coach and guide yourself to making your dreams come true!

  • This is the ultimate personal development course!

Life Transformation Part 1 – The Breakthrough

Erase Ancestral & Soul Patterns Permanently

Study Method: Audio
Start Date: Anytime

What our graduates have to say...

I erased a childhood trauma so completely that I now have no emotion tied to it (other than gratitude.) Amazing!
Lisa Manssourian
Thank you Arnoux for teaching me your emotional eraser. In the last 12 hours I have been celebrating my most fascinating life and 1000's of achievements and experiences in this life that I though were subpar, not enough or insignificant. I now feel free for the first time to let my light shine in the world [...] Read more
David Smith : - Business Coach
It turned out the pain in my right shoulder that wouldn’t go away had a root caused that was addressed by The 5 Step Emotional Eraser as taught in The Breakthrough. It was amazing when I turned around and grabbed something and my neighbor gasped as I couldn’t even imagine doing that before doing the process.
Soyla Soldana
*I received a raise of $12,000 the very next week after taking The Breakthrough, and released a terrible trauma that therapy of many years couldn’t touch.
Diana Trujilo : Insurance Broker
*My claims rep for my long term care insurance company wanted to know if I was still “disabled” and I told her that you healed me! That your course completely healed me from your healing energies and by taking the 5 day course. She was fascinated by it and knew that I was telling the truth [...] Read more
Emjudy Santiago : Nurse Practitioner