In this magical life changing course all of the foundational training up until this point allow Arnoux Goran to take you to places you didn’t know you could go. Develop your intuition to a level you never imagined using Arnoux’s unique methods to develop this skill…the most important in life. Discover your spiritual life purpose for living. Break down walls to greater experiences of love in life. Understand how to know which tools to use when and become a master of your life and destiny. Much more… only to be revealed during the course.

Study Method: Audio
Start Date: Anytime

  • Covers all required certification hours and training to receive your Master of The 5 Step Emotional Eraser and Master of the 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself certifications 

  • Discover how to develop your 4 higher-level senses (and what they are!)

  • Apply the vast health information you have to real life scenarios and learn to use your newfound 
skills to help guide your yourself towards resolving your root causes in all areas of life.

  • Understand the Master level of the 7 Steps so that you can do it at even faster speeds with yourself (and your clients) and in a much easier way! 

  • Learn how to determine which of your now many tools to use and when – master your transformational tool set.

  • Experience an incredibly high level conversation on how and why we create our lives and become a master of your life; Your experience, your success, your health, your wealth and your love.


Tap Into The Universal Mind

Study Method: Audio
Start Date: Anytime

What our graduates have to say...

I never thought I would be able to directly access universal consciousness and bring it into this reality. This blew my mind.
Attila Tota : Entrepreneur
*I’ve taken hundreds of seminars, and this one is the very best by far. I’ve never found any tools for success more powerful or easier to use than these ones.
Doug McClure : Green Business Owner