A Master PHC has undergone advanced personal development courses created by Arnoux Goran Seminars®. These courses equip them with a broad range of tools to promote a human’s well-being in all four aspects – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. They are experts in a distinctive approach to eliminating negative emotions discovered by Arnoux Goran. They are highly skilled in assisting individuals in uncovering the root causes of their problems and devising customized programs for them.

To qualify for the Master PHC training, basic practitioners must complete at least 100 hours of practical sessions. During the certification process, a sample of a 350-question are submitted to the tester, which takes about six hours for the student to complete. the test is scored, Most people, including average health practitioners, could not answer more than 10% of these complex health-related questions. A Master PHC must obtain a minimum score of 95% to pass the certification and become a Master PHC.

Study Method: Audio
Start Date: Anytime

  • Covers all required certification hours and training to receive your Master Professional Health Consultant certification.

  • Achieve mastery in 1-on-1 health consulting, including your skills in business, sales and marketing.

  • Practice and develop skills in the incredibly important art of medical intuition.

  • Master handling different health challenges, emotional issues and other problems your clients bring to you.

  • Clear your specific blockages to being a successful 1-on-1 consultant in every way, especially financially. You will clear MAJOR financial blocks during this training.

Master Professional Health Consulting

Be An Expert Consultant in the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Mental Bodies

Study Method: Audio
Start Date: Anytime

What our graduates have to say...

I grew up in an abusive home and left when I was 14. My first memory is of being thrown into a wall at age 3. Every moment of my life I was in panic. My life was one long panic attack. I spent over $100,000 on therapy, courses, books, audios and anything I could find [...] Read more
Mari Davis : Attorney
My sister and I were constantly raped by our father all throughout our childhood and into our early twenties. I have never felt normal and have tried everything to recover but nothing has ever worked for me. My sister is still homeless and cannot function in society. I am in my fifties and finally, after only [...] Read more
Richard : Client of Merit, Master Professional Health Consultant
*During the Emotional Repolorization Technique course (an advanced course), I cleared tons of negative emotions around love and financial success. I also cleared some physical symptoms that had manifested from an emotional root cause. Only the emotional work done at the seminar was able to clear it after trying many physical remedies.
Megan Salisbury : Co-Founder of LiveGreenGlam.com & THM Master Professional Health Consultant