We have 23 courses that go in order from basic to advanced. The Arnoux Goran Seminars is the first health education in the world to combine physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health. You start with The Goran Technique.   This course focuses on erasing negative emotions and unwanted patterns. During this course, you will learn the fastest and easiest way to release old emotions permanently. Then we will teach you how to reprogram your unconscious mind and change your life. Arnoux Goran invented the The Goran Technique.

Introductory Courses

Why Your Relationships Are The Way They Are

You are not alone; many individuals share similar sentiments. Perhaps you experience anxiety when socializing or meeting new people. Maybe the prospect of approaching a new relationship and discovering if there’s a connection is daunting. Engaging in conversations with others or facing interviews might be sources of anxiety for you. Relationships, in general, could pose challenges.

However, there is a solution for all these concerns. You have the ability to address and transform these issues, achieving lasting results. You can conquer these challenges permanently, allowing you to effortlessly embody a different experience. Imagine being adept in relationships, finding joy in them, and being naturally outgoing.

The key lies in learning how to initiate this transformation.

How to Manifest Your Soulmate

If you’re looking to find your perfect partner for a romantic relationship, this course is for you! Arnoux Goran, a renowned speaker and life coach in America, can teach you the fundamental truths and practical steps to attract your ideal girlfriend or boyfriend, wife, or husband. He has helped many others achieve this and can guide you too.

Foundation Curriculum

The Goran Technique – Arnoux’s Signature Course

Learn the fastest and easiest way to permanently release old emotions, reprogram your unconscious mind and change your life. The Goran Technique was invented by Arnoux Goran. The GT is also taught in our 2nd course which is a 10 day course on physical, mental and emotional health. See our brand new course, A Course in Relationships, to learn how to apply the GT to relationship issues.

The Solution Weekend

The Solution weekend training is hailed as “beyond cutting edge” and “the greatest health seminar I’ve ever attended” by our clients, authors and health professionals from all fields. “Arnoux Goran Seminars training saved me and my family. I was bedridden and thought I would die. I had seen every doctor and after 20 years of suffering and taking hundreds of medications I had given up hope. After attending the training program now I am completely healthy, off all medications, and this training saved my marriage.” –Wendy Pappas

The Foundation Course Part 1 of 4 – The Super Nutrition Weekend

The Foundation Course is the most advanced training on health, energy, weight loss, and anti-aging so you can create perfect health. After taking The Foundation Series, you can take The Breakthrough, The Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT), The Completion Weekend or More Money. It’s your choice as to the order. The Foundation Series is the equivalent of 2 week long courses in length and contains nearly everything you need to know to be healthy, young, vibrant and transform every area of your life. You ‘ll learn The SuperStyle Diet created by Arnoux so you won’t ever need a recipe book. You’ll learn the the 5 categories of food, and what the only proven healthy (it’s anti-aging) diet.

The Foundation Course Part 2 – 11 Session Teleconference

You will learn how to have amazing relationships. Eliminate Allergies. Regain Perfect Eyesight. Natural Birth Control. Pain Free Child Birth. How to Choose Supplements. A Healthy Home Environment. How to Reclaim Your Personal power. How to Feed Your Pets. The Longevity Workout. Increase Your Energy! Sleep Less! Get Healthy! Get Younger! MORE!!

The Foundation Course Part 3 – The Cleansing & Detoxification Weekend

You will learn how to overcome addictions without willpower. Also you will learn how to cleanse the body without cleansing reactions, and how to flush stones from your liver and gallbladder. You will learn why it is important to wear EMF protection especially during a cleanse.

The Foundation Course Part 4 – Health Empowerment Weekend

You will be shocked by the newest information on viruses. One method only costs four cents and was tested by the Red Cross. You will feel empowered by the amazing super protein cleanse that breaks open the “bio-film”. We will teach you how the 10 minute workout… for longevity, strength, endurance, flexibility and an 8 pack. Exercise all 75 trillion cells at once! Learn the newest info on dentistry… life changing! One client said it saved her $50,000 so far. Be amazed by a new technology that eliminates pain, gives you stronger balance and makes you better at any sport.

Intermediate Curriculum

More Money: Applying The Goran Technique to Clearing Your Money Blockages

This course can be called The Advanced The Goran Technique. This 6-week group coaching telecourse focuses on applying “The Goran Technique” strategically in clearing career & financial blockages. We recommend this course for anyone wanting to dive deeper into using The Goran Technique. This is the ultimate money seminar because you will make permanent shifts to your financial blueprint and energy around money.


A Course In Relationships

During this “beyond my wildest expectations” course you’ll get to the heart of the matter in all relationships, not just romantic, and discover the real power and potential you have to create harmony, peace, joy and closeness in the relationships in your life.  The principles shared by Arnoux cut right to the core of what’s been holding you back, or blocking you from having the relationships that you dream of, the intimacy your heart calls for, and the tranquility that the cells of your body need.  Yes you’ll learn about sex, romance and how to find out what kind of person the Universe wants you to date, but knowing how to be happy in relationships is what you’ve always been wanting, and now you can learn how in A Course in Relationships.

Life Transformation Part 1 – The Breakthrough

The Breakthrough Course provides training and certification in The Goran Technique II, formerly The 5 Step Emotional Eraser. The Goran Technique II is a healing technique invented by Arnoux Goran in 2004. This class is a proprietary class with Arnoux Goran Seminars. The Breakthrough Course works on the spiritual-emotional level. Merit Ma, a certified Master Professional Health Consultant of Arnoux Goran Seminars, cleared her severe hay fever/allergies using this technique. This tool addresses patterns & emotions inherited through the DNA. It also clears ancestral (inherited from parents) and soul traumas. It’s the one tool that can clear “karma.” Arnoux’s explanation of “karma” has nothing to do with any aspects of religion.

Life Transformation Part 2 – The Emotional Repolarization Technique

The Emotional Repolarization Technique or ERT is a 3-day video training which shows you the tool that releases the actual physical chemicals of emotions from your body. It’s completely different from The Goran Technique (previously known as The 7 Steps to Reprograming Yourself)  which erases repeating negative thought patterns from your mind. This technique works on your body and may cause cleansing reactions. It’s an absolute must for not just perfect health, but to align your vibration with the goals you are creating in life. This is NOT the ERT taught by Dr. Robert Marshall in his QRA training, but rather an advanced hybrid based on the work of Randy and Colette Freiberg with a few twists and additions added by Arnoux Goran, course designer and presenter.

Life Transformation Part 3 – Completion

Benefit from the finding of a NEW modality that you MUST have to be completely FREE from past emotional pain. It works with other AGS tools including The Goran Technique I and Goran Technique II ( previously know as 7 Steps & The 5 Step Emotional Eraser). This tool works on the conscious mind, on the things that keep bothering you and taking up your mind space. It’s generally used for major relationships that changed or ended, that you still have lingering in the back of your mind.

Do you still feel angry at an ex lover?

Do you still feel sad when you think of a passed away loved one?

Then you need to sign up for this course right now and get that handled. Being sad or upset about the end of a relationship is NOT part of life, it is an unresolved issue that can be fairly easily handled with our tools. Get started now.

  • Reset yourself emotionally and mentally to the state you had BEFORE that major trauma happened.
  • Works for divorce, breakups, death, bankruptcy, major illness and more.
  • Re-piece your broken heart and put it back together. Remove that heaviness from your heart and feel light hearted again. Have more energy, joy and LOVE in life. Be happier!
  • Recognize your life patterns so that you can erase them.
  • Free up your mind space to create your dreams!

Advanced Curriculum


Embark on a transformative journey with The Enlightenment Course, a two-day immersive experience designed to accelerate your path towards becoming the grandest vision of yourself. Presented by Arnoux Goran Seminars, this course is the pinnacle of our offerings, providing advanced teachings and practical tools to guide you on the quest for enlightenment.

Interference Field Removal

Do you have nagging injuries?  How about major injuries?  Have you ever had a surgery, used aluminum based deodorant, a head trauma, non organic feminine personal care products, gotten a tattoo, piercing or had stitches?  Then you have an interference field damaging your health and possibly the health of your future children.  Interference fields are damage sites in the body from a physical trauma that prevent the body from absorbing nutrition in that area, from repair in that area, and reflex or connect to another part of the body, usually a major organ or gland and diminish or reduce it’s functioning.  How are you supposed to lose weight if your stomach and thyroid are turned off because of trauma you had as a child?  This unique training can show you how to remove these blockages to good health… on your own!  And to help others.

The Ultimate Life Coaching Program

In this 7 Week Group Coaching program you will understand how to apply The Goran Technique I and the Goran Technique II (Previously know as The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself, The 5 Step Emotional Eraser,)  ERT and Completion specifically to your goals and dreams and effortlessly attract the desires of your heart. This is the mastering of these four tools and yourself training that you need to earn the skills that you want and need to use these tools with yourself and others for a lifetime. Learn how Certified Master Success Coach Arnoux Goran coach people with real life challenges. You will learn to address deeper issues than you’ve thought of or know exist, and learn the intricacies of using all four of these tools together in advanced coaching sessions.


In this magical life changing course all of the foundational training up until this point allow Arnoux to take you to places you didn’t know you could go. Develop your intuition to a level you never imagined using Arnoux’s unique methods to develop this skill…the most important in life. Discover your spiritual life purpose for living. Break down walls to greater experiences of love in life. Understand how to know which tools to use when and become a master of your life and destiny. Much more… only to be revealed during the course.

Basic Professional Health Consulting

Professional Health Consulting is the application of the information earned by a Nutrition and Detox Expert™ and practitioner of the 7-Steps to Reprogramming Yourself™ in guided conversations which are both coaching and consulting based. A Professional Health Consultant helps someone to help themselves to achieve greater health results and success in life. PHC’s do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or heal anyone, they simply share valuable information in a skilled and powerful way that creates the inspiration and excitement for the individual to act and make changes in their life. The results of PHC can be astounding as PHC’s are armed with the most cutting edge physical and mental health information, and are trained in incredible 1-on-1 communication and coaching skills. The combination of these skills makes for one of the most exciting opportunities in life. PHC’s are trained to understand how human inspiration forms and how to bring out the absolute best in people along with applying their expert knowledge of health.

Life Coaching Certification Training

Develop yourself as a coach.  Learn everything you need to know to be successful both in the area of coaching, and the business of making a great living as a coach.  Create your six-figure coaching business working part time from anywhere in the world during the 5 day training!

Click Here – How to Become a Certified Life Coach

Master Professional Health Consulting

A Master PHC has undergone advanced personal development courses created by Arnoux Goran Seminars®. These courses equip them with a broad range of tools to promote a human’s well-being in all four aspects – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. They are experts in a distinctive approach to eliminating negative emotions discovered by Arnoux Goran. They are highly skilled in assisting individuals in uncovering the root causes of their problems and devising customized programs for them.

To qualify for the Master PHC training, basic practitioners must complete at least 100 hours of practical sessions. During the certification process, a sample of a 350-question are submitted to the tester, which takes about six hours for the student to complete. the test is scored, Most people, including average health practitioners, could not answer more than 10% of these complex health-related questions. A Master PHC must obtain a minimum score of 95% to pass the certification and become a Master PHC.

Public Speaking

Becoming a Certified Seminar Leader through the Arnoux Goran Seminars training programs is no easy feat. It requires rigorous training in public speaking to attain a level of skill and knowledge that enables the speaker to create a professional career as a speaker. Teaching is a highly respected, influential, and essential profession that one can dedicate themselves to. However, many assume that teachers are only found in large institutions, which can be slow to keep up with the latest information. The most effective and influential teachers are often independent, with a powerful message to share. An Arnoux Goran Seminar Leader possesses the necessary training to deliver their message to the masses and earn a living from it.

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